Any great product starts with the great idea. ALLFORGADGET can do both – create a unique concept of the product which you have on mind or develop your own concept in details and bring them to life. And if you would ask us to tell you about the development process, which we experience every single day, we would tell you about the following main components:

  • TOOLING DESIGN – at this stage we bring together mechanical engineers, industrial designers and manufacturing experts to make the perfect product for end users – that one which looks perfectly good, is easy to be used and raises your profitability to the highest possible level.
  • PCB LAYOUT – we can do both – to create a custom PCB layout or use that one developed by your engineers. But commonly we manage the whole PCB layout. In order to verify quality of our PCBs, we take finished PCBs to testing labs for certification testing – such as FCC, CE, RoHS, etc. If reworking needs to be done to pass these certifications, we do it free of charge.
  • PROTOTYPING – before we would start the process opening a mold, it`s definitely better to produce the product prototype. Nowadays different kinds of prototypes exist – purely aesthetic or almost mass-production-quality samples. Don`t worry – we will help you to choose the right one for your needs and budget. At the moment when your product prototype is ready our quality control team and engineers will inspect the prototype in details, make any necessary fixes and send it to you to enjoy.
  • FIRMWARE – our strong belief is that devices should be first of all simple to use. And we strongly focus on this feature within the framework of a complete range of software engineering support, which we provide to you.
  • PACKAGING – it`s one of the most powerful aspects, which influences the opinion of the end user, when he is making the final decision – whether to buy your product or not. We will help you to create and produce that kind of packaging, which will definitely help your consumer to make a “TO BUY” decision.
  • USER MANUAL – not everybody can write and explain everything in a clear way, but our manual writers for sure can. We will be glad to provide you with manual writing services. On the top of that we can add to your manuals different types of video materials, which will assist your customers, while they enjoy your product, even in the better way, than a simple text.