When development is successfully over, we are ready for manufacturing. And at this stage it`s important to mention that we provide our clients with the best approach – we accept orders both for small quantities of highly specialized products and for huge amounts of different products. But no matter how big is your order, we keep our eye on the slightest details for you to receive the best result. As we believe the best result of manufacturing depends on the following ingredients:

  • SUPPLY CHAIN COORDINATION – we provide you with direct access to the suppliers of every specific component of their future product.
    It helps to get the direct pricing, quick possibility to manage product improvements and best quality of the target product.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – we have our own quality control department, which involves extremely devoted, experienced and detail-oriented inspectors. It provides us with the possibility to ensure you with
    the detailed quality control during the whole production process. We create quality control protocols combining our own experience,
    industry standards, factory input and your input.
  • LOGISTICS – we offer your all freight methods – sea, air, railway and courier services, including custom solutions. In addition we can provide youwith warehousing and consolidation services.
    Just tell us what you need and we will provide you with the most effective
    solution, based on your preferences.