We produced goods for:


“We are the service agency for such companies in the territory of Ukraine as Google and SES. Among all other requirements from their side we receive loads of requests for giveaways and promotional materials production. For several years we`ve been cooperating with local companies to produce all those requests. But once we thought that probably it will be more cost effective to produce all our orders in China – as nowadays many companies do. We started to search to reliable companies in China to provide us with a big choice of products, high quality, good prices, European style of project management and a reliable team. I think that we were simply lucky to find ALLFORGADGET company. Because before we`ve heard a lot of stories telling that it`s unstable and very tricky to have a direct cooperation with China based companies. ALLFORGADGET proved that it`s not true. We highly appreciate our cooperation and hope for future bigger projects. Thank u, ALLFORGADGET team!”

Victor Poznyak, FUNBERRY Head of Production Department


“We are the first company in Ukraine, which is providing LED furniture for rent. When we decided to start that business and purchase all the necessary furniture pieces in China we didn`t have any experience in cooperation with China. And it really caused us many problems and money losses – Chinese companies only sounded to be reliable and providing high quality products. On practice we were receiving furniture which could stand only one event and after that demanded a total repair. When we were ready to give up our great business idea, we were lucky to find ALLFORGADGET – we did it by chance in the Internet. Of course, we were hesitating – as nobody could recommend us this company. But we took a risk and asked Andrew and his team to search for a reliable factory producing LED furniture. ALLFORGADGET did a great job and now our clients have the opportunity to make their events totally brilliant and shining thanks to our furniture. Now we are planning to develop and produce LED furniture according to our own design – of course, we will do that only together with ALLFORGADGET. Thank you, guys!!!”

Valery Rumiantseva, GOODS4EVENTS CEO


“I`ve been working in the show business sphere for all my adult life. And I love what I do. It always inspires me for some new achievements. I founded SHOWBIZ magazine many years ago and didn`t even expect it to become the biggest and most reliable European annual music magazine. But it became! And for me it meant that we were supposed to surprise our readers and clients with brand new decisions. This idea pushed me towards China. I didn`t know what exactly I needed. But I knew exactly that I need to find someone very reliable to help me find the way in thousands of Chinese offers. I succeeded – I found ALLFORGADGET. They did a cool job. They helped to understand what I was searching for. That was a portable extremely slim video player which could be built inside of my magazine at the stage of printing. So, nowadays, our clients can not only print their advertising and promo in SHOWBIZ magazine, but also – play it to our readers! Also, the ALLFORGADGET team helped us to develop and implement all the necessary changes, which helped to make video players extremely simple to use. When I have another one ide I for sure will contact ALLFORGADGET team!”

Alexey PAtehin, owner and founder of iSHOWBIZ magazine


“Our cooperation with Andrew began when he was not ALLFORGADGET and we were not DROBAK. All of us only started our businesses and needed clients and reliable partners. At that stage we found each other. Sounds romantic – isn`t it? Starting from that time many years passed. Nowadays DROBAK is the biggest retail company in Eastern Europe – we are specialized on small consumer electronics and accessories for them. ALLFORGADGET assist us in developing and supplying 30% of our assortment. Also, we launched our own brand. And ALLFOGADGET brilliantly developed and produced the packaging for it. Within the framework of our cooperation with ALLFORGADGET we find rare features which are not so easy to be found nowadays in business world – understanding, humanity and extremely detailed approach. They treat you as if you are a real treasure for them. It flatters you a lot!”

Alexander Vovk, DROBAK CEO and founder