Andrew Tereshchuk

    General Manager and Founder

    “Andrew knows everything!” This is the way how all other team members and clients think about him.
    And, probably, they are right. He simply doesn`t have another choice. First of all, because he enormously loves his work and likes to create something special and outstanding. Whatever project is arranged by ALLFORGADGET team, they always know that Andrew is nearby and ready to help with any, even the hardest one, task. Because ALLFORGADGET is not simply a team – we are a family.

        Dasha Marchenko

        Head of Project Department

        Perfect time management, ideal communication skills and passion for details – these are the main features of Dasha. She and her team are responsible for all projects arranged by ALLFORGADGET. She is the main link between the factory and the client. And this is she who will make sure that your products are good looking, produced on time and exceed all your expectations.

            Summer Huang

            Head of Quality Control Department

            Who said this product is a perfect one? If it was not Summer, then it`s not. She is the final decision making chain link who decides whether this product is worth to be submitted to the client or it`s not.
            She is cooperating only with the best quality control professionals. Her team is performing both factory audits before we make the decision whether to cooperate with them and products inspections during and after the production.

                Andrey Nesteruk

                Head of Graphical Design Department

                He doesn`t speak that much. But his works and the works of his team are much more expressive, than a thousand words. Andrey is not only the Head of Graphical Design Department. He is also the Head of the mutual inspiration for our team. He loves his work. And as the consequence – our clients also love his works.


                    Company Lucky Mascot

                    ALLFORGADGET team is a family. And every normal family should have a pet. So, meet our pet.
                    Isn`t it cute? But we strongly believe, that besides being simply cute, it brings a huge luck to ALLFORGADGET team and our clients.