Who we are?

Our history starts in the year 2005. Andrew Tereshchuk, the company founder, arrived to Shenzhen – the heart of digital electronics production in China, for the first time. At that time he was only the purchasing manager of the biggest Ukrainian retail trading chain. He was supposed to search for the best Chinese OEM, place there the orders for certain products, arrange the quality control and deliver the ready goods to his employer. That was a great time for him to find out all the hidden difficulties in direct cooperation with Chinese suppliers. And that was a great time for him to come to the conclusion that he can become a reliable subcontractor for those companies who are based out of China – to help them develop and manufacture the best quality and value products for their end users. During his stay in China Andrew managed to meet up with talented and ambitious Chinese local professionals of different specializations. And in the year 2008 he gathered all of them within the framework of one company – ALLFORGADGET. So, nowadays due to the efforts of one person many people with great ideas around the globe have the possibility to bring their ideas to life here in China.

What we do?

In general, we are the team of professionals which specialize in developing and manufacturing of the following products according to the requests of our clients around the globe:

–  usual and unusual promotional materials for special events;

–  different electronic devices and accessories for them;

–  packaging and printed materials.

We deliver custom-tailored solutions to our clients or work in a close cooperation with those our clients, who have a clear vision of their target product. We combine local best tooling factories, international engineers, experienced designers, quality control professionals, logistics solutions and our experience in order to ensure that our clients receive the best quality, the great price and the final product, which exceeds their expectations.